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Annotated Bibliographies: A How to Guide: Home

A resource for all things annotated bib. To be used specifically for Ms. Sepcie's and Ms. Wallerstein's

In This Guide..

In this guide you will find:

  • Materials and resources available for research 
  • Guidelines for identifying reliable sources
  • Descriptions and samples for writing your annotated bibliography and sample bibs

Project Overview

Assignment Objective: Each student will create an annotated bibliography that:

  • Analyzes the role that violence, peaceful demonstrations, and political organizations played in nationalist movements.

  • Analyzes and compare how democracy, religious revival, and/or authoritarian rule emerged in nationalist movements.

  • Identifies the different visions leaders had for their nation.

Research Objective: Each student will create an annotates bibliography by:

  • Accessing and properly navigating databases, book collections and other online resources available
  • Analyzing and connecting sources available to a central idea or thesis
  • Developing a fluid annotated bibliography with source citations, summary, and content/author analysis

Nationalism and Social Change Assignment


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