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The Tambo Paper: A Guide: Interlibrary Loans

A list of references and tools to help you successfully navigate and complete your US History I 1800s research paper

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Libraries like to share. Expand your options by exploring the collections available to you though other libraries - including our interlibrary loaning system with the Verona Public Library and other public libraries in the area. Also check out academic libraries that offer guest services to the public. Interested in a book from another library? Speak to Ms. Mayo for reserves.

Ms. Mayo's Tutorials

Interlibrary Loaning @ Verona Public Library

Search the Pals Plus Catalog to find books at Verona Public Library and other affiliated libraries in North New Jersey


Weekly interlibrary loaning pick up and drop off schedule:

Tuesdays and Saturdays

For materials inter-loaned from other libraries aside from VPL, please allow for extended time for transportation

VPL Checkout Procedures

  • Search for your books under the PALS PLUS Catalog
    • If you wish to only search for books in the Verona public library, please narrow your results by library after you search. 
    • This catalog will search the catalogs of the following affiliated libraries listed on the site as well as several other public and academic libraries in the state affiliated with REBL
    • Please note that any interlibrary loans from libraries other than VPL will require up to a week for delivery
  • Once you have found a book - please see Ms. Mayo to request a reserve
  • In order to reserve a book, you will be asked to provide your name, book title, and email address
  • Book pickups are scheduled for Tuesdays and Saturdays of every week. Therefore you may pick up your books from the LC on Wednesdays and Mondays
  • If your book is being delivered from another library - please allow up to a week for arrival
  • Ms. Mayo will indicate your due dates and will send you an email when your due date is approaching. VPL books may be renewed - however books from other libraries may not. 
  • Please note that the late fine for all materials is .10 cents a day and that you are held responsible for payment. Failure to pay fines or return materials will result in a loss of ILL privileges

Recommended Academic Libraries

Here are a few college and university libraries that are open to the public. I advise you to navigate their collections before you plan a visit by navigating their catalogs below. The services provided for guests vary per library. For specific information on borrowing policies and services available, check with the reference librarians.