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The Tambo Paper: A Guide: Interlibrary Loan

A list of references and tools to help you successfully navigate and complete your research paper

VPL Checkout Procedures and Policy

Weekly interlibrary loaning pick up and drop off schedule:

Tuesdays and Saturdays

For any materials from other libraries, please allow for extended time for transportation

Interlibrary Loaning @ Verona Public Library

VPL Checkout Procedures

  • Search for your books under the PALS PLUS Catalog
    • If you wish to only search for books in the Verona public library, please narrow your results by library after you search. 
    • This catalog will search the catalogs of the following affiliated libraries listed on the site as well as several other public and academic libraries in the state affiliated with REBL
    • Please note that any interlibrary loans from libraries other than VPL will require up to a week for delivery
  • Once you have found a book - please see Mrs. Benz to request a reserve
  • In order to reserve a book, you will be asked to provide your name, book title, and email address
  • Book pickups are scheduled for Tuesdays and Saturdays of every week. Therefore you may pick up your books from the LC on Wednesdays and Mondays
  • If your book is being delivered from another library - please allow up to a week for arrival
  • Mrs. Benz will indicate your due dates and will send you an email when your due date is approaching. VPL books may be renewed - however books from other libraries may not. 
  • Please note that the late fine for all materials is .10 cents a day and that you are held responsible for payment. Failure to pay fines or return materials will result in a loss of ILL privileges