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The Tambo Paper: A Guide: Writing, Format, and Citation Guide

A list of references and tools to help you successfully navigate and complete your US History I 1800s research paper

On this page...

Refer to the following resources and samples when compiling your annotated bibliography and formatting your essay. Information on how to cite in Chicago style and format your annotations and writing are available here as well. If you have further questions about your sources and citations, please visit the homepage to schedule a conference, or stop by the LC to speak with Ms. Mayo.

Ms. Mayo's Tutorials

Coming soon!

  • Citing your sources in Chicago Style
  • Formatting your paper in Chicago Style
  • Navigating NoodleTools

Chicago Style Guides

A couple of things to note about Chicago Style citations and writing...

There are two types of citations that you will be expected to include:

  • Footnotes
    • They work as your "in-text" citations
    • To be included at the bottom of the page after you cite a specific source (i.e. direct quote or paraphrase)
    • In Google Docs: CTRL+ALT+F
  • Corresponding Bibliographical entry 
    • They work as your "works cited" page
    • Annotated Bibliographies: Include all bibliography citations with a topic summary and annotation questions provided by Mr. Tamburro.
    • Final Paper: Include all bibliography citations in the last page of your paper. No annotations required. 



Quick Student Guide to Noodletools


VHS NoodleTools Account

Step 1: Register as a new user

Step 2: Enter our school log-in

Username: veronahs password: research

Step 3: System will prompt you to create your own account