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America Through Pictures: A Research Guide: Home

Use the following guide as a reference for your picture projects for Ms. Sepcie and Mr. Bresnan's U.S. History classes.

Important Due Dates


Please see your Google Classroom for specific due dates

Picture Project Introduction

Inspired by a historical photograph, you are expected to do the following over the next few months:

  1. Conduct investigative research in order to find the historical significance and relevance of the image by using a series of research questions
  2. Develop a thesis regarding your image in which you examine that topic in an interesting and relevant approach
  3. Locate at least six academic, reliable, and relevant sources in order to support your thesis
  4. Submit an annotated bibliography based on the sources located
  5. Draft a complete outline that includes all key ideas and supporting details in a logical structure 
  6. Complete a final paper (to be submitted online and as a hard copy) in 5-8 pages in length, with an additional works cited page (at least 4 sources) in Chicago style

Project Requirements and Expectations


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