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American Values: A Project: Developing Your Topics

Use this LibGuide as a resource for your American Values project. Feel free to use the links and any information available.

American Value: Requirements

  • Select a value that you believe captures what America is about
  • Through research and brainstorming (either terms or historical moments) develop a definition for your American value
  • Select 3 historical moments that capture your American value from the following time periods:
    • 1700s 
    • 1800s 
    • 1900s and beyond 
    • Connections to contemporary events and/or culture
  • Provide at least 2-3 reliable sources of information regarding each historical moment that allows you to summarize what happened and why it was important 
  • Complete a RESEARCH PLAN in order to organize your thoughts and any sources that you may locate (remember to make a copy of the doc)

Topic Development: A Sample

Topic Development: Helpful Tips