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Research for Change: Teams

A research and materials guide for the Research for Change project. Check back often for updates and lessons.

On this Page

On this page you will find...

  • Descriptions and homepages for each of our teams for the Research for Change Project
  • Click on the drop down menu for specific team roles and documents

Why Teams?

When implementing a plan or enacting social change, even at the local level, requires a high level of organization, critical thinking, and constant evaluating. For an event or organization to be successful - we need to divide and conquer. 

By creating teams with specific action plans and goals, we can ensure that all members of our class have an active role in ensuring that our plan becomes attainable and successful by playing on the strengths and talents of individuals. 

 LibPages for Individual Teams

Project Managers | Communication and Outreach | Logistics | Accounting

Team Roles and Responsabilities

  • Teams Period 2
    • Theme: Changing the School Environment
    • End Goals: VHS Mental Health Day and Model Classroom
  • Teams Period 8
    • Theme: Teen Mental Health Awareness in Schools
    • End Goals: VHS Wellness Club
  • Teams Period 5
    • Theme: Isolation and the Elderly Population
    • End Goal: Senior Citizen "Prom" at Verona