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Annotated Bibliographies: A How to Guide: Step 1: Developing your Topic

A resource for all things annotated bib. To be used specifically for Ms. Sepcie's and Ms. Wallerstein's


Day 1: To examine a topic by conducting preliminary research and writing a research question

Developing your Thesis Statement

Day 1: Writing a Research Question 

  • Based on your initial research, you should have a general sense of what you want to write about. 
  • Right now we need to ask a question of our topic, and conduct academic research to try to answer it.
  • These "answers" will be the basis of your thesis statements

What a research question does...

  • It ensures that your research won't sound like a "report"
  • Sets your thesis statement up to prove a point
  • Helps frame your searches

 What are the health effects of the the dust bowl?

 How might have the biological effects of the dust bowl impacted the US healthcare system during the 1930's?