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Constitutional Research: Home

A LibGuide reference for Mr. Maher's Constitutional Research paper

Key Research Requirements

Page Length 

  • 3 full pages
  • Works Cited as an additional page - Labeled as "Works Cited" or "Sources"
  • Double space, 1 inch margins, 12 point font


  • 3 sources
  • Textbook does not count as a source
  • Proper Chicago citation style


  • Single spaced
    • Your name
    • US History I (CP)
    • Constitutional Amendment Paper


  • Part 1: Explanation/Interpretation of the Amendment and its importance
  • Part 2: Historical Context of Amendment
  • Part 3: Explanation and application of the Supreme Court case pertaining to the Amendment

For further information, please refer to Mr. Maher's original Constitutional Amendment Paper assignment sheet

Project Research Objectives

To locate at least 3 sources of scholarly and reliable information in both databases and web sources for a Constitutional amendment and its affiliated supreme court cases



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