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America Through Pictures: A Research Guide: Home

Use the following guide as a reference for your picture projects for Ms. Sepcie and Mr. Bresnan's U.S. History classes.

Important Due Dates


  • Annotated Bibliography - March 31
  • Final Thesis Submission - April 7th
  • Paper Outline - May 5th
  • Final Paper - May 25th

Research Objective

Day 1: To conduct preliminary research in order to develop a topic based on an image by examining its historical context and significance

Day 2: To locate at least six academic sources to support a developed thesis by utilizing searching tools such as databases and internet searching and evaluate their relevance and reliability

Day 3: To disseminate the information located by reading it and applying it to the thesis as well as evaluating the need for additional searching 

Picture Project Introduction

Inspired by a historical photography, you are expected to do the following:

  • Conduct investigative research in order to find the historical significance and relevance of the image by using a series of research questions
  • Develop a thesis regarding your image in which you examine that topic in an interesting and relevant approach
  • Locate at least six academic, reliable, and relevant sources in order to support your research question 
  • Submit an annotated bibliography based on the sources located
  • Draft a complete outline that includes all key ideas and supporting details in a logical structure 
  • Complete a final paper (to be submitted online and as a hard copy) in 5-8 pages in length, with an additional works cited page (at least 4 sources) in Chicago style

Project Requirements and Expectations


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