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The Tambo Paper: A Guide: Home

A list of references and tools to help you successfully navigate and complete your research paper

Key Research Requirements

  • Must be interested in the topic
  • Provide a well developed and specific thesis
  • Research and read a variety of sources to locate the ones that support your thesis
  • Submit at least eight (8) sources that you plan on using in the paper within your annotated bibliography. At least 6 of these sources should be in your final paper
    • Use at least 3 print books
    • Use at least 2 primary sources
    • Use at least 2 scholarly articles (found in scholarly journals and JSTOR - not popular websites)
    • Web-based sources must be scholarly (affiliated with a professor, graduate student, or institution of higher education)
    • All sources should connect to your thesis and provide a point - thus connect or "communicate" with each other. 
  • For your annotated bibliography, each source should be properly cited following the Chicago style (please see the citation page of this guide) and complete an annotation answering the following questions:
    • What is the content of the source?
    • What value does it bring to your assignment (that other sources may not)?
    • How does this source connect to your thesis?
    • Analyze how this source compares to other sources you are citing.
  • For further details about the writing process, please refer to the original research paper assignment requirements provided by Mr. Tamburro


Assignment Objective: Each student will use/develop his or her research skills in an effort to explore a topic of interest in United States history in the 19th century. 

Research Objective: Each student will evaluate and apply a variety of sources to support their thesis by accessing and properly navigating databases, book collections and other online resources available.

Where do I start?

  1. Identify main concepts
    • Well-rounded thesis/topics typically contain 2-3 concepts
    • Using one concept may give you too many results - too many concepts may limit your results too much 
  2. Brainstorm for keywords
    • Based on your concepts - come up with words that will capture their meaning
    • Use synonyms and specific terms 
  3. Choose a database
    • Keep in mind the topic that you are searching as well as what content you are looking for
  4. Connect your keywords together
    • Use Boolean operators, fields, and advanced searching to narrow your results
  5. Explore your results
    • What results are you getting? Is there anything that is or is not working? Is there anything that is coming up in your results that you want to avoid?
  6. Refine search
    • Based on what is working - change your keywords or browse through other topics


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