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The Tambo & Wally Paper: A Guide: Annotated Bibliography

A list of references and tools to help you successfully navigate and complete your US History I 1800s research paper

On this Page...

On this page you will find...

  • Format, structure, and guidelines for your annotated bibliography
  • How to identify if a source is appropriate for this project

Ms. Mayo's Tutorials

Annotated Bibliography Guidelines

Annotated Bibliography Requirements

► Include a well-developed thesis statement (claim) at the top of the bibliography

► Provide a minimum of six (6) paragraph topics that will help you prove your thesis

► Submit at least eight (8) sources that you plan to use in your paper

► For each source write a paragraph including the following...

  • provide a complete Bibliography entry following either MLA or Chicago/Turabian style (please see the guidelines under citation page)
  • Write a paragraph discussing:
    • Qualifications of the author (What credentials does that author have that make them an expert?)
    • Content of the source (What is the overall summary of your source?)
    • How it relates/connects to your thesis statement (How does this source prove your thesis statement?)
    • The source's value to your thesis (What does this source have that others do not?)
    • Evaluate the main thesis/claim of the source (What is the author(s) trying to prove about your topic?)
    • Analyze how this source connects to other sources you have cited

Other Important Documents

What is an Academic Source?

Source Requirements 

8 scholarly sources (criteria for a scholarly source is listed below). Your source types should be:

  • At least 3 books
  • At least 2 primary sources
  • At least 2 scholarly articles 
  • If you plan on using web sources, they should be scholarly.

As you write your paper, you may add or remove sources. Your final paper must include at least 6 sources.


Source Evaluation

Source Checklist: Wally Paper

  • An easy checklist if you are asking yourself "is my source reliable"?

Evaluating Sources: An LC Guide

  • A comprehensive guide on how to analyze and evaluate academic and web sources