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Romeo and Juliet: A "Piece of Advice" Project: Home

A guide for Dr. Meyer's Freshman English's Romeo and Juliet research assignment.

Project Objective

Project Objective

Through analysis of literary criticism and connections to modern online resources, we will create a self-help pamphlet that addresses themes and issues within the play Romeo and Juliet.

Basic Project Requirements

Basic Project Requirements

In order to explore themes within Romeo and Juliet in a modern context, you will submit the following as part of your project:

  • An advice pamphlet that addresses your theme or issue and is meant to help one of the characters or Romeo and Juliet. Your pamphlet will include:
    • Textual evidence from the play that supports your theme/issue
    • Literary criticism with expert analysis of your theme/issue
    • Evidence from a modern psychological/sociological source on how to address the theme/issue
  • A process paper in which you explain your research process, analysis of the theme/issue, and validity of your sources
  • A MLA works cited page that includes your sources, including the play

For further information on specific requirements, please go to the Project Requirements and Examples tab on this LibGuide

Project Scenario

Your parents are fighting, your town is in disarray, your friends don't understand you...

Romeo and Juliet's struggle is real

Now, with no one else to turn to, they walk into your guidance office seeking help. In order to help them cope with the issues they are currently facing, you hand them a self-help pamphlet full of suggestions and advice on how to face their problems.

Select one of the themes or issues below and identify a scene in the play that relates to it.

Possible Topics

Possible Themes or Issues in Romeo and Juliet

Talking to your parents

Peer pressure

Bullying and Violence

Finding a safe space/Mentors

Healthy Relationships/Friendships

Feeling Outcast

Impulse Control

Controlling your destiny

Social Expectations


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