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American Values: A Project: Home

Use this LibGuide as a resource for your American Values project. Feel free to use the links and any information available.

Project Objectives

Day 1: We will be able to capture what is representative of the US by selecting and defining an American value and finding moments within the 1700s to exemplify it. 

Day 2: We will conduct research in order to identify, summarize, and connect our American value to correlated historical moments. 

Day 3: We will analyze the artistic and stylistic choices of various children's books in order to brainstorm ideas for a children's book based on our American value and its corresponding historical moments. 

Day 4: TBD

Basic Assignment Requirements

  • You will select a define an American value and provide 3 historical moments that convey its meaning and historical significance. You are expected to select a historical moment from the following time periods: 
    • 1700s
    • 1800s
    • 1900s and beyond
  • You will conduct research in order to provide historically accurate information regarding each historical event.
    • 2-3 sources for each historical moment
  • You will connect contemporary history and issues to your selected American value.
  • As a product, you are expected to create a children's book illustrating your American value through these 3 historical moments and submit a MLA works cited pages with all the sources used in your research. 

Project Materials


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