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Bill of Rights Project: Home

A LibGuide reference for the Bill of Rights Project and resources for context and analysis

In This Guide...

In this Guide you will find...

  • Print and digital sources for this project
  • Guides on how to properly cite your paper

General Constitution Resources

Research Objective

Research Objective

You will locate information based on a specific article of the Bill of Rights that provides explanation, context, and how it applies to a supreme court case, as well as a current news source. 

Locate at least 3 sources to inform your paper:

  • Historical context for your right
  • Explanation and analysis of your right as it pertains to your specific interpretation
  • A supreme court case pertaining to your assigned right
  • A news article that pertains for your assigned right (please note: a news article is NOT required for Mr. Maher's U.S. History Class)

Use the navigation bar above to locate information regarding your right and its context

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