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The Individual vs. Society: A Mini-Research Project: Finding a Topic

Use this LibGuide as a reference for the Antigone-inspired research project. All materials and guidelines for the project are listed below.

Lesson Objective

In the LC, we will identify and prove how an individual or group challenged the status quo by

  • locating at least 2 sources of preliminary information and
  • provide a rationale for our selection based on the topic criteria

For more information regarding your project, please refer to Mrs. Quick's Individual vs. Assignment Description

Helpful Websites

Don't know where to begin? Use the following sites to strike up some inspiration. Keep in mind that most of these sites are NOT ACADEMIC, therefore you should not use them for your research works cited. 

Biography Online

Top 10 Persecuted Artists

Google Trends

10 Revolutionary Acts by Ordinary People

10 Best Revolutionaries

16 of History's Most Rebellious Women

Today's Activity

On Your Own @ the start of class

Read the following news story: Indian Farmers bury themselves to protest land acquisition deal

Other samples:

In Groups

Use the white boards to answer the following questions about the story above:

  • Who is the "status quo" in this story? Who challenged them?
  • How was the status quo challenged? What were some of the consequences of this dissent?
  • Did any social change or awareness arise from challenging this authority? How so?

Reflect @ the end of class

  • Let's look at the topics you submitted as a class
  • What common threads do you notice about these topics? How are they similar? Different from each other?

By the end of the period...Submit your topics

(Period 5, Period 2, Period 3, Period 4)

Through preliminary research, you will have selected an individual or group of people that have challenged the status quo and 

  • Identify the conflict between this individual/group and the status quo

  • Explain the measures they took to dissent

  • Interpret the consequences of this behavior  

Make sure that when submitting your individual/group, you choose someone that 

  • is new and interesting to you
  • no one else in the class has selected
  • has had a significant impact or is relevant 


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Topic Help!

Need help with finding a topic?

Proquest Research Companion ►Find Information ►Topic Finder or Search Aid

Having a hard time thinking about your topic? Springboard your thinking from these general topics:

  • Issues in medicine and disease
  • LGBTQ Issues
  • Animal Rights
  • Media and Technology
  • Warfare
  • Disenfranchised Members of Society
  • Government Policy
  • Culture and History
  • Women's Issues
  • Environmental Issues
  • Crime and the Justice System
  • Ethics and Corruption
  • Mental Health
  • Youth Issues
  • Pop Culture
  • Scientific Research and Issues
  • Education
  • Financial and Fiscal Issues
  • Race and Class
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Foreign Affairs and Policy
  • Civil and Human Rights
  • Workforce Issues and Rights
  • Aging and Family