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A LibGuide for the freshman iSearch non-fiction paper

Project Objective

What are you curious about?


We will conduct meaningful academic and non academic research in order to answer a question and become an "expert" in the topic by writing and presenting a paper.

How to Use this Guide

Use the navigation tools above in order to locate the resources available for this project

  • Mini-Lessons: Lessons that Mr. Munoz and Ms. Mayo have developed through out the project. These may include presentations, resources, guidelines, and class notes
  • Research Materials: Links, databases, and search tools for research, source analysis, and annotated bibliographies
  • Citation and Format: The nitty-gritty of your paper. How to format your writing and use citations properly in order to avoid plagiarism and unreliable sources
  • Student Samples: Samples of iSearch research papers as well as sources and other examples of work to help guide your own research and writing process. 

Project Overview

What is iSearch about?

I-Search is a process in which you, the student, figure out something you are genuinely interested in, then research more about that topic so you can become an “expert” in that topic.

It is a less-formal research paper in which you formulate a question you have about something you are interested in, then discuss your topic of interest through personal and internet-based research. Essentially, you will be answering your own question.

What will we be doing?

  • formulating a research question
  • conducting research
  • gathering information through interviews
  • reading nonfiction texts related to your topic

What is the end product?

You will complete a research paper that compiles what you've learned and the process of gathering research, a list of sources within a works cited page, and a presentation of your research findings. 

How will I be graded?



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