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Research for Change: Home

A research and materials guide for the Research for Change project. Check back often for updates and lessons.

Project Objective

We will engage the community in a cause that we are passionate about.


We will connect with the world in meaningful ways - while learning both functional and academic skills by taking learning beyond the classroom and assuming an active role through outreach programs.

Research for Change Schedule

We will work on our Research for Change projects every B Day, unless otherwise instructed.

To keep track of our project, please visit our Research for Change Schedule. Please note that this schedule is a working one, and subject to change often. Please check back for updates. 

How to Use this Guide

Use the navigation tools above in order to locate the resources available for this project

  • Topic Development: Any lessons, resources, and links to help you find and narrow a class topic
  • Mini-Lessons: Lessons that Miss DeMaio and Ms. Mayo have developed through out the project. These may include presenations and class notes
  • Teams: Descriptions and specific resources pertaining to team responsabilities
  • Research Tools: Links, databases, and search tools for research, source analysis, and annotated bibliographies
  • Reflection: The final part of the project - all resources and guides to compile your final projects for reflection and presentation

Project Overview

Select a general topic. You must choose a topic that is socially relevant and one in which you have a genuine interest in. Suggestions for general topics and thesis questions will be discussed in class and posted on the Topic Development page. Keep in mind that when you are choosing a topic, the general topic itself can be popular or well-researched - however you must take a different approach or focus when conducting your research. Also keep a final project in mind when selecting topics. We will then vote on a topic as a whole class. 

Narrow your topic and find a fresh new perspective. For example, the effect of social media on teens is a popular topic.  However, "social media" can be very broad and overwhelming, and also very repetitive and overdone in our current national discourse.  On the other hand, you could consider the long term effects of social media on social anxiety to focus your research. One you have narrowed down a topic based on our top 5 class topics, your group will select their top choice and propose it to the class for a final vote. 

Research. There are wide varieties of resources available for you to begin your quest. Use both internet and library sources when locating information. Since the topics addressed are current, be mindful of evaluating your sources for accuracy, relevancy, and authority. For tips on how to evaluate sites, to links to helpful websites and bibliography guides please visit the Research Materials page. You will be expected to track and categorize your research by building an annotated bibliography as you locate and use sources. Sources will vary from internet research to interviews and phone calls.

Plan and execute a culminating project. This will be the longest phase of the project and we will work on it until May.  This step requires collaboration and creativity. Brainstorm and plan a way to demonstrate the new perspective on the topic that you have researched. This can take any shape and can be presented in any format - from a lesson, to a video, to a school-wide event - the possibilities are limitless. Keep in mind that the culminating project must be eye-opening, informative, and should involve outreaching outside of the classroom.  You should take a more ACTIVE role in informing the public rather than a passive one. In order to share responsibilities, the class will be separated into different teams: PR and Advertising, Logistical, and Budget. All role responsibilities and specific information for each group will be available under the Teams  tab. 

Reflect on what you've learned and experienced. Throughout the Research for change project, you are expected to maintain records of your research, planning and PR process, logistical work, and any photos, videos, and evidence from your culminating project. As a class, you will be required to memorialize your experience in a way that demonstrates and reflects on what you've learned. Any information on how to organize your reflection and culminate your project will be available under the Reflecting on Change  tab. 


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