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The Tambo & Wally Paper: A Guide: Home

A list of references and tools to help you successfully navigate and complete your US History I 1800s research paper


Assignment Objective: Each student will use/develop his or her research skills in an effort to explore a topic of interest in United States history in the 19th century. 

Research Objective: Each student will evaluate and apply a variety of sources to support their thesis by accessing and properly navigating databases, book collections and other online resources available.

Need Help?

 Conferencing Appointments

If you would like to need help on your own individual paper (i.e. finding articles and information, citing your sources, topic development, revising/organizing your writing...etc), I am here to help! Please email me at to schedule an appointment or stop by the LC and simply ask! When booking your appointment through email, please make sure to include your name, availability, and a summary of your thesis statement. 

 Lunch Workshops @ the LC

Throughout the research project, we will hold lunch workshops at the LC classroom based on upcoming assignments. Workshops are informal information sessions that focus on a particular topic. Please check the LC classroom board for upcoming workshops. If you have a suggestion for a workshop, please let me know. â€‹Some of the things we can work on during a workshop are:

  • Finding Sources with JSTOR 
  • Finding Sources with Web Searches 
  • Locating and accessing Book Sources
  • Synthesizing Sources: Making sure sources "talk" to each other
  • Citing your Annotated Bib


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